Terms of Use

- Principal -

This Terms of Use (hereafter as "this term") provides for the use of services provided on the website (https://www.casterior.com, hereafter called "this site") operated by Hammer Caster Sales Co.,Ltd. (hereafter called "HCS").

Article 1. "General Provisions"

This term applies to all relationships related to the users of this site managed by HCS.

Article 2. "Registration and management of user information"

1.When a user uses this site, he / she can register his / her name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and other user information, and he / she can use the site's services such as purchasing products with acceptance by HCS approving the information. There are no registration or membership fees.
2.HCS may not approve the information registered by users for the following reasons, and HCS shall not be obligated to disclose the reason.
(1). In the case of submitting a false notification when applying for registration of use
(2) In the case of detecting a violation to this term by a user.
(3) In the case where HCS judges that the registration of use is inappropriate
3.HCS will not disclose personal information of users to third parties unless required by the government or public organizations. Please refer to our Privacy Policy regarding the handling of our user information.

Article3. "Purchasing and payment methods"

1. Users can order and purchase items according to the order form specified on this site.
2. The amount of the goods to be purchased on this site and other necessary fees shall be stated in accordance with "Indications based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Act”, and the payment method shall be paid by the method that the user can select in the payment section on this site.

Article 4. "Exchange or return of goods"

1. If a buyer receives a different item from the order, or if a buyer finds any damage or initial defect in the delivered goods, HCS will replace it only if the buyer contacts us within 30 days after the arrival of the goods. In this case, HCS will bear the shipping cost.
2. HCS accepts return of the goods that is unopened or unused due to user's convenience for domestic delivery in Japan only if you contact us within 7 days after the goods is delivered. In this case, the buyer will bear the shipping cost.

Article 5. "Disclaimer"

HCS shall not be liable for any damages to the users on this site.

Article 6. "Prohibited matter"

Users are not allowed to do the following when using this site.
(1) Acts causing inconvenience, disadvantage or damage to HCS, other users or third parties.
(2) Infringement of intellectual property rights, privacy and other rights of the HCS, other users or third parties.
(3) Violation of laws and regulations, violation of this term or any other agreement HCS may provide regarding the use of this site.
(4) Other actions deemed inappropriate by HCS.

Article 7. "Changes to the terms"

HCS may change the whole or a part of this term as necesarry, without the prior consent of the users, notifying the users in a manner deemed appropriate by HCS, such as posting on the site or by e-mail.