It has won many of the world’s top design prizes.

In 2013, the predecessor of CASTERIOR ZEN, “daa type” (now called da)
received three of the world’s top design awards, iF Design Award,
IDEA (Industrial Design Excellence) Award, and Red Dot Award,
in addition to a German Design Award.
It has been illuminated by gold medals from the iF Design Awards and
IDEA (Industrial Design Excellence) Awards, as well as the Red Dot Design Awards 2013.
In 2014, “da e type” (formerly de) received the iF Design Award gold medal and Red Dot Award.
It was praised by the jury as “An elegant, high-quality caster that can be integrated
into any item of furniture yet still has its own character.
Its bearing system means it seems almost to float, while maintaining its
stability (including visual stability) at all times.
A great piece of design that deserves an iF gold award.”
Such unique design characteristics have attracted wide attention,
making it the preferred choice for the world’s leading housing and IT vendors,
and other design-conscious companies.