Privacy Policy

Hammer Caster Sales Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter called "HCS") will comply with the provisions of the following "Privacy Policy" for handling of personal information provided from customers through our website.

1.Acquisition and management of personal information

Personal information is information regarding to your personal identity, such as your name, address, phone number, etc. It also includes information that individuals can be identified by matching with other information. HCS may ask you to provide us with your personal information at the time of purchase or inquiry on our website.
In order to handle the personal information provided by customers appropriately and carefully according to relevant laws and regulations, HCS will strive to ensure reasonable measures through security system maintenances, management systems improvements and employee education.

2. Use of personal information

Personal information provided by customers will be used for the processing of orders, processing of payment, delivery of products, response to your inquiries, release information on our products and services and other justifiable purposes. If any of our related companies such as the delivery company, and other companies outside of the HCS handle the personal information, they all shall comply with this Privacy Policy.

3. Prohibition of disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties

HCS does not disclose or provide customer information to third parties unless any of the following is occuring:
*When customer agrees,
*When a national or local public entity or a third party requested HCS to disclose personal information pursuant to the provisions of laws and regulations
*When it is necessary for the protection of human life, body or property, and is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.

4. Request for disclosure of personal information

If you have questions or inquiries about your personal information provided to HCS, or if you want to disclose, correct, or delete your personal information, please contact us. The request will be operated upon the indentical comfirmation.

5. Review of this Privacy Policy

HCS will comply with applicable laws and regulations applicable to personal information held by HCS, and make efforts to improve this privacy policy. When making any change to this privacy policy contents, HCS will make public update to this page.

GDPR Privacy Policy

Hammer Caster Sales, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") strongly recognizes the social importance of personal data protection, and has established the following policy regarding personal data protection, and has been engaged in the formulation, implementation, maintenance and improvement of a personal data management system.

The GDPR Privacy Policy applies to all processing of personal data to which the "EU General Data Protection Regulation" ("GDPR") The GDPR Privacy Policy applies to all processing of personal data to which the "EU General Data Protection Regulation" ("GDPR") applies. Personal data is defined as an individual's name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address, or other information that can be used to identify an individual.

1.Ensuring the security of personal data

(1)The Company will comply with applicable laws, regulations, and other norms in the handling of personal data.
(2)The Company will ensure that its officers and employees recognize the importance of personal data protection, and will formulate and implement "Personal Data Protection Regulations" for the proper use and protection of personal data.
(3)The Company will continuously educate and enlighten its directors, officers, employees, and others in order to maintain and improve its personal data management system.
(4)The Company will appoint a chief administrator for each department that handles personal data to ensure appropriate management of personal data.
(5)The Company shall implement information security measures and other safety measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal data or the loss, alteration, destruction, or leakage of personal data.
(6)The Company will review and continuously improve the GDPR Privacy Policy, related regulations, and personal data management mechanisms as necessary.

2.Purpose of processing personal data

The Company may process personal data for the purposes described below.

(1)Performance of a contract or response to a request prior to the conclusion of a contract (Art. 6(1)(b) GDPR)
If the Company has entered into a contract, or if requested prior to entering into a contract, the Company may process personal data to prepare for and fulfill said contract.

(2)Communication (GDPR Article 6(1)(f))
If you contact the Company with an inquiry or request, the Company may process your personal data in order to respond to your inquiry or request. The processing of such personal data is necessary to respond to your inquiry or request. Our legitimate interest in using personal data to contact you is to respond to these inquiries for the promotion of current or future business.

(3)Shareholder Relations (GDPR Article 6(1)(c), (f))
The Company may process personal data for the Company's shareholders for the purposes of shareholder and share administration, for the exercise of rights and performance of obligations by shareholders or the Company, for the preparation of documents, records, and data required by law, for the provision of services to shareholders, and for operations related to each of these matters. The processing of such personal data is necessary to ensure the exercise of the rights of shareholders and is necessary for the Company to obtain its legitimate interests. Accordingly, such processing is necessary, in part, to comply with the Company's legal obligations and, in part, for the legitimate interests of preserving the rights of the shareholders.

(4)Marketing (GDPR Article 6(1)(a), (f))
When processing personal data for marketing purposes, the Company obtain prior consent whenever practicable. In any case, the Company has a legitimate interest in contacting existing and potential business partners for marketing purposes.

(5)Legal obligations (Art. 6(1)(c) GDPR)
The Company may process personal data as necessary to fulfill its legal obligations under applicable law, for example, for legal retention periods.

(6)Retention of documents for civil law claims (Art. 6(1)(f) GDPR)
The Company may process personal data if there is a legitimate interest in retaining it for the establishment and enforcement of legal claims or for the defense against legal claims.

(7)Emergency (Art. 6(1)(d) GDPR)
The Company may process personal data as necessary to protect the vital interests of the data subject.

(8)Cookies and web beacons (Art. 6(1)(a) and (f) GDPR)
When processing personal data using cookies and web beacons, the Company will obtain your prior consent.

3.Storage period/h3>

The Company will not store personal data for longer than one of the following periods of time
(1) for the period necessary to process the personal data; or (2) 35 years from the date of receipt of the personal data.

With respect to the right of erasure, our general rule is that all personal data will be deleted if (2) if the purpose of our processing ceases to exist, or (2) if you object to the use of your personal data and (i) there is no legal requirement prohibiting early deletion and (ii) there are no material legitimate grounds for further processing (in particular, for the establishment and enforcement of legal claims or defense against legal claims).

4.Rights of the data subject

The data subject has the rights described below. To exercise any of the rights listed below, please contact the contact person.
(1)You may withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data at any time. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing based on the consent before its withdrawal.
(2)You may ask the Company for access to, rectification, erasure or restriction of the processing with respect to the data subject, or for an objection to the processing and data portability.
(3)You may appeal to the data protection supervisory authority having jurisdiction over the processing of your personal data.
(4)You may ask the Company for a copy of a written statement setting out the appropriate safeguards in relation to the transfer of your personal data outside the EEA.
(5) Provision of personal data is not a statutory or contractual requirement. However, the Company requires the name or the name of a person authorized by the legal entity to enter into a contract whenever possible. If you do not provide the Company with contact information of any kind, the Company will not be able to contact you.

5.SSL/TSL encryption

For security reasons and to protect the transmission of confidential information (such as orders or inquiries) to us as the site operator, this site uses SSL/TSL encryption. If the address line of your browser changes from "http://" to "https://", you will see an encrypted connection. If SSL/TSL encryption is enabled, the data you send to us cannot be read by third parties.

6.Inquiry Contact

For inquiries regarding personal data protection, including the GDPR Privacy Policy, please contact the Data Protection Officer of Hammercaster Sales, Inc.

 Zip 105-0004 6-5-4, Shinbashi, Minatoku, Tokyo
 email :

Data Protection Manager
 CEO Norihiro Yoshida
 email :
 Zip 105-0004 6-5-4, Shinbashi, Minatoku, Tokyo

7.GDPR Privacy Policy Updates and Amendments

The Company may update or modify its GDPR Privacy Policy from time to time without prior notice. However, you will be properly notified of any subsequent substantive or material changes. The updated or amended GDPR Privacy Policy will supersede the GDPR Privacy Policy as it existed prior to the update or amendment.